Homework Assignments

Some Simple Rules for  How to Prepare Your Homework Assignments:

This course will include a small number of homework assignments. When preparing your answers to my assignments, please follow a few simple rules. Type or write neatly and keep the solutions in the order assigned. If you return a physical printout of your homework, please staple pages together. Include only relevant computer output in your solutions (a good approach is to cut and paste the relevant output for each problem into an editor such as MS Word or Latex). Also clearly circle or highlight important numbers in the output, and label them with the question number. Should you have produced computer code for a homework assignment, I’d suggest that you include your code in your answers, both so that you can refer back to it for future assignments and so that I can identify where a mistake may have occurred. Display numerical answers with a reasonable number of significant figures and with units if the quantity is not dimensionless.

How to Turn In Your Homework:

You can turn in your homework in several ways: If you are a local class attendee, you can turn in printed versions of your homework during class time or at my office (WRRB 106D) during office hours. You can also email me PDF versions of your homework to fjmeyer@alaska.edu. Please don’t email MS Word Documents, as items may shift when opened on a different computer. Finally, you can turn in homework via Blackboard following the instructions below.

How to turn in Assignments on Blackboard

Login to Blackboard, and go to “Assignments’ in the left side menu. Click on Assignments (1.) and navigate to your current Assignment (2.):

Click on the assignment link, make sure you are on the right page, and read about filename instructions (i.e., what you should include in your filename). Click on the link to upload assignment files from your computer (3.) (you can upload more than one file):

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