Demonstration: Ground-based Radar

My @UAFGI Microwave Remote Sensing class in full swing! Demonstrating the GAMMA GPRI radar. Thanks @pwebley for the picture. #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

The GAMMA GPRI Instrument:

The GAMMA portable radar interferometer (GPRI) is a real aperture FMCW radar developed by GAMMA Remote Sensing AG that is using fan beam antennas to illuminate a scene. The antennas are mounted on a rotational scanner allowing for 360 degrees scanning angles. The radar image is built up line by line by rotating the antennas in azimuth about the vertical axis. The range resolution of the radar is determined by the 200 MHz bandwidth and is equal to approximately 75 cm. The azimuth resolution is determined by the antenna beamwidth and slant range. The instrument operates at 17.2 GHz with a displacement measurement sensitivity better than 1 mm. UAF ownes four of the GPRI units and is using them for the analysis of glaciers, landslides and other dynamic features.

Impressions from the GPRI Demo:

The Microwave Remote Sensing class had a brief demonstration of the GPRI system in early March 2017. The features and functionality of the radar were explained. Find impressions of the demonstration below.

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