How to Remotely Attend the Class

Class Meeting Times

The GEOS 657 “Microwave Remote Sensing” course is open for both in-person and remote students. As this is a synchronously-taught class, the class will meet at predefined meeting times (see Section 1 of the Syllabus for class meeting times)    and remote participation is facilitated through chat and videoconferencing tools.

How to “dial-in” for Remote Participation

To facilitate remote participation, all lectures will be broadcast to your web browser using the video conferencing tool Pexip. At the designated class times, please join the video conference from your GOOGLE CHROME web browser by clicking on the following link:

Step 1: Enter Conference ID:  video.fairbanks5 in the top field of the interface (see below for an example), and enter your selected nickname (see here how to create your nickname), and click “CONNECT”.

Step 2: The next screen asks you to select your camera and microphone. If you speak into your microphone you should see the audio indicator bar light up, and be able to see yourself in the camera window. Click “START”.

Step 3: Once you press start, you will be asked for the video-conferencing PIN. You will receive your pin in an email from me at the beginning of the class. Please email me at to request a pin should you have not already received it.

Click “CONNECT” and you  will then be joining the class.

NOTE: While other web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc) may partially function, if you experience problems, we will request that you use the Google Chrome Browser.