InSAR Time-Series Analysis of Kamchatka Volcanoes

Project Description:

This project analyzes InSAR time-series data at Bezymianny and Tolbachik volcanoes, Kamchatka, to determine if there may be any detectable link in deformation signal between the two volcanoes. Nearby Klyuchevskoy volcano is very active and therefore it may be difficult to isolate any signal of Bezymianny from other volcanoes in the Klyuchevskoy Group. In previous work, Tolbachik and Bezymianny were shown to likely have some sort of connectivity at depth based on isotopic signatures. The geometry and specific depth of any dike-like features is still inconclusive but may range between 15-30 km. The student proposes building upon previous work at Tolbachik and the Klyuchevskoy Group by using Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2, and ALOS data.

Student Leading the Project:

Jill Shipman, University of Alaska Fairbanks

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