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Within each movie, the speckle tracking in multi-temporal Sentinel-1 SAR images is presented on the left.   The plot of the glacier velocity over time and over locations along the length of the glacier is presented on the right.   A magenta triangle is used to indicate the approximate time of the frame on the left with the corresponding row in the plot on the right.

For both the Steele and Walsh Glaciers, their surges appear to have significantly subsided (and possibly ended) within the second half of the year 2016.

Acquired a DEM








I have acquired a digital elevation model (DEM) for an area containing the Steele and Walsh Glaciers.   The DEM appears in both maps as a gray-scale patch with higher elevations depicted with brighter pixels.   In the zoomed map, the Steele and Walsh Glaciers are denoted with red and green curves, respectively, overlaid on the DEM.

Glacier Motion From SAR

Project Description:

This project will use time series of Sentinel-1 SAR images over  Steele and Walsh glaciers, Yukon Canada, to estimate their ice velocity with their variation in time. Ice motion tracking is done using Speckle tracking procedures embedded in the GAMMA Remote Sensing Software Tools.

Student Leading the Project:

Kenneth Arnoult, University of Alaska Fairbanks